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Panasonic and Phoenix Imaging join forces for Compact Vision Systems

New Release of Panasonic Machine Vision Systems through Phoenix Imaging

July 31, 2016 -- Phoenix Imaging has just announced the release of Panasonic images processing system.  This combination provides the fastest processing of images on a standard platform.  This hardware platform was selected because of it's acceptance in critical on-line automotive applications.  The platform combines the raw processing power of the latest Intel i7 (Ivy bridge) CPU with the flexibility of the PPT-Vision VPM/CPM software development environment.  The New Intel Processor offers additional cores for faster processing and the ability to keep all four vision cores operating at the same time as special application cores.  The units offer an extended tool set to extract data from images captured by the high speed sensors.  Sensor sizes range from VGA, 1.3, 2.0 and 4.0 Megapixel.  The controller handle the sensor interface and allows for remote parameter changes.  Extensive I/O capability is built right into the system and the design allows it handle a inspection results via the digital outputs or communication links.  The system has standard serial and Ethernet ports available on the system.  True multi-tasking capability in a small compact package design.


PV-500 Image Processing Unit

The PV-200 and PV-500 machine vision systems are available in multiple configurations to meet every customers specific requirements.  All configurations offer rapid start Solid State Data Backup (SD Card) and internal battery backup of Application Data. 

The latest family of products supports even larger image sensors.  The same hardware platform will support area scan image sensors ranging is size from VGA to 4 megaPixel sensors.  Multiple System configurations allow support of 1 to 4 sensors.

Extensive Setup and Programming Tools make application development quick and easy.


 For more information about the PV200  or PV500 Image Processor click here:

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