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Machine Vision Components, Systems and Turnkey Inspection Solutions

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Lenses & Optics
Lights for Vision
Vision Sensors
Vision Systems

Machine Vision Components

Machine Vision Systems and Components  (See the Sections Below)

Whether your machine vision application requirements are for lights, cameras, lenses, cables, a compact vision sensor or a large format mega-pixel image processing system Phoenix Imaging has the product to meet your needs.

Product Categories

Machine Vision Lenses

Standard Resolution Lenses ( Fujinon, KOWA, PENTAX )

High Resolution Lenses ( Fujinon, KOWA, PENTAX )

Telecentric Lenses (VS Technology, XF Telecentric)

High Magnification Lenses (VS Technology, XF Telecentric )

Machine Vision Lighting Systems (Designed and Manufactured by Phoenix Imaging in the USA)

Industrial Fluorescent Lighting Systems

Standard High Frequency Linear Units (2015 Series - 33" to 96" lamps)

Precision High Frequency Linear Units (2020 Series - 13" to 96" lamps)

Precision High Frequency Tunnel Lights (2040 Series - 13" to 72" lamps)

Industrial LED Lighting Products

Phoenix Spot Light (SPA-1010 Series -  single element)

Phoenix Thin Flat Panel (4100 Series - 8mm thick units)

Phoenix Ring Lights (4200 Series)

Phoenix Thin Flat Panel (4300 Series - 16mm thick / large area units)

Phoenix Spot Lights (4400 & 4450 Series - multiple elements)

Phoenix Thin Flat Panel Sealed (4500 & 4505 Series 8 - 12 mm thick units)

Phoenix-OPT Power Supplies for LED Lights (5000 Series - analog and digital controls) 

Phoenix-OPT Flat Panel Backlights (5100 Series)

Phoenix-OPT Bar Lights (5200 Series)

Phoenix-OPT Bar Light Groups (5300 Series)

Phoenix-OPT Coaxial Lights (5400 Series)

Phoenix-OPT Dome Lights (5500 Series)

Phoenix-OPT Line Scan Lights (5600 Series)

Phoenix-OPT Ring Lights (5700 Series)

Phoenix-OPT Spot Lights (5800 Series)

Machine Vision Cameras

--- Machine Vision CCD, CMOS and Infrared Sensors ---

Wide selection of area and line scan sensors from Datalogic, Panasonic, Sentech, and FLIR


Many sensors types for all types of applications, from VGA to 29 megapixel, Analog, CameraLink and Gig-E Vision.

Machine Vision Systems

---  Non-Contact Machine Vision Based Inspection Systems  ---

Compact Vision Systems by Panasonic

Machine Vision Systems for Various Applications

Compact Machine Vision Systems   -------->    Windows Based Image Processors

PVS-30Compact Machine Vision Systems, Sharp & Aromat    PVS-200

PV-200        PV-500 

[New!]Panasonic PV-200 High Resolution Compact Machine Vision System

PC Based Vision Systems IVS (Industrial Vision Systems in NEMA 1 (IP-10) enclosures)

The IVS-80 and IVS-100 image processors are ruggedized for industrial machine vision applications.  The systems utilize the latest Intel central processing units (CPU) installed on the state-of-the-art single board computers (SBC) for reliable service over extended periods of time.  Most of the PVS-100 systems have been in operations for more than 10 years in factory environments.

The latest generation of PVS image processors provide options that are not available from other leading machine vision suppliers, including: 1) removable hard drives up to 2 TB in size,

2) Microsoft Windows 7 Pro or Embedded Operating System on Solid State Drives,
3) Large internal hard drives for image storage (1 TB standard),
4) DVD Writer for easy data and image access,
5) Large power supply (500 watt) with US, CSA, CE approvals,
6) expandable Digital Input/Output capabilities (up to 96 I/O lines),
7) expanded communication ports (4 USB, 2 Gig-E, 1 serial port),
8) standard support for 4 Gig-E sensor ports,
9) Support for Large Sensors (up to 29 Megapixel & 16K line Scan sensors), and
10) Extensive Vision Library from Datalogic and/or Phoenix Imaging.


    IVS-80 Industrial Image Processor

This system is designed to provide years of service and can have the CPU upgraded as newer Intel technology becomes available.  Don't settle for less!  These units can be panel, wall or rack mounted to meet your installation requirements.

Call for the available options to customize the system to meet your exact needs.


PVS Models (Package Vision Systems in NEMA-12 (IP52) or NEMA-4 (IP66) enclosures)


The PVS models place the IVS image processing units inside an IP-55 enclosure.  This design will harden the equipment to withstand harsh factory conditions.  The systems can be equipped with force air (Filtered Fans), air conditioning (non-condensing units), Thermal-Electric Cooler, or Vortex Cooling (dry/clean filtered air is required in plant).

The systems can be equipped with sealed keyboard/mouse drawers, built in flat panel displays (with or without touch screen option), remote access communication ports (no cabinet entry required) and floor mounting stands.


PVS-100 with 17" TFT Monitor
and Keyboard Enclosure Shown
Compact and Powerful for Harsh Environments





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