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CPM - Control Panel Manager

Impact Control Panel Manager (CPM), also included in the Impact Software, now comes with more than 60 fully-configurable controls, allowing users to create custom, professional control panels with multiple image displays, data charts, real-time inspection results with password-protected panels, frames and tabs. The programming interface in CPM has been revolutionized since the 8.0 production release, allowing users to create advanced control panel applications in one-third of the time taken using the previous version of software.


  • Intuitive Windows and icon-based environment, with drag-and-drop programming

  • Available in Development, Runtime, and Embedded versions

  • More than 50 standard graphical controls for creating custom interfaces

  • Emulator support allows file creation and testing without a camera connection

  • Drag-and-drop linking provides easy setup of data transfer

  • Snap-to-grid allows for fast and easy graphical alignment

  • Control panel files are automatically backed-up for peace of mind

  • Multiple cameras displayed and controlled on the same panel

  • Multiple control panels can connect to the same camera allowing unique views of the application (Operator, QC, Engineering, Management)

  • Inspection tool settings can be edited while inspection is online

  • Supports image locking and buffering for enhanced file and process debugging

  • Templates allow programmers to create reusable control panels

  • Allows predefined control panel configurations to run at start-up

  • Enhanced security prevents unauthorized personnel from making changes to critical inspections

CPM provides a technology to connect multiple inspection processors to one or more information displays.  A different operator interface can be displayed depending on the function.  This allows the production interface to show the information relevant to the operators on the line and the responsible engineer a move detailed interface with access to inspection parameters.  The shipping department can see a different interface that shows information relevant to production totals.  Each interface can be customized to meet the exact requirements of that function all with standard tools in the CPM tool box.  Phoenix Imaging has designed a number of interface panels related to specific inspection projects.  These panels can be modified to meet your specific project requirements at a much lower cost than generating customer application software from scratch.  Ask us if we can help with your project and you will be surprise at the cost savings that we offer.



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