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2020 Series
2040 Tunnels

High Frequency Fluorescent Lighting Systems

Phoenix Imaging manufactures high frequency fluorescent lighting in the more common straight tubes and newer high output Biax formats.  There are some special circular lighting products in the ring lamps.

These unique illumination systems are designed for operation with up to four (4) lamps, in single or dual lamp enclosure configurations.  The system is designed around a precision power supply that incorporates an active feedback loop that will consistently maintain lamp output to approximately ±0.5% during the life of the lamps. This precise control is ideal for use in machine vision applications where constant luminous flux is critical for the inspection. The high frequency power supply provides a 5 volt DC output (blue wire in terminal block) that indicates that the illumination system is operating correctly.  An LED is mounted on the exterior of the power supply enclosure to provide visual indicator that the unit is within regulation limits when it is illuminated.  Illumination systems can be purchased with a variety of lamp temperatures (colors) to meet specific project requirements. Available wavelengths these include: Cool White (CW), Daylight (D), Warm White (WW), SPX41, SPX50, SPX65, Black Light (BL) and Black Light Blue (BLB).

Unit are designed for either 110 - 125VAC or 220-240 VAC single phase operation and are fused as required (typical two (2) type GMA-2 fuses (5mm x 20mm)).  Amperage is determined by the model number and lamp type.

Key Benefits

  • Units with Feed-back Control provide Constant Luminous Flux (stable output)
  • High frequency output (22-55kHz, depending on power supply selected) for use with electronic shutter cameras
  • Fluorescent lamp models are available in multiple wavelengths to meet inspection requirements.
  • Modular Design


2020 Series - High Frequency with Feed-back Control Fluorescent Lighting Systems

Lighting units in Industrial Housings with precise illumination control for critical machine vision applications.  Lamps are available in single or dual housing configurations.  Special design housing configurations are available that house one to four lamps.

Units range in size from 15" (380 mm) to 102" (2590 mm)

2040 Series - High Frequency Tunnel Lighting System
with Feed-back Control (Fluorescent Lighting)

If you don't see what you are looking for just ask!

Phoenix Imaging designs and fabricates a wide selection of advanced lighting systems used in machine vision applications.  If you do not see the lighting system that meets your specific project requirements on these web pages be sure to contact our sales department.  We have a designed and built lighting systems for too many applications to describe all within the context of this web site.  A few of the more common specialized lighting systems are described in this section.


See the appropriate lighting system page for list price information or contact the Phoenix Imaging Office at 734.744.9275 for the latest pricing information.  Volume discounts are available.

New lighting products are added on a regular basis and may not be found in this web site. If you have a specific customer requirement be sure to contact the sales engineer for information.


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