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MIB-40 Dimensions

MIB-40 Manual Inspection Booths

Model MIB-40 (Current Version is 1.1)

The Manual Inspection Booth (MIB-40) in Standard Configuration is shown in Figure 1 below. The MIB-40 is designed to provide controlled light intensity in an economical bench top configuration.  The MIB-40 uses the traditional "Top Lighting" technique where a pair of lamps illuminates the product from one side in front of a Black/White inspection background.  This is a Best in Class lighting booth for single sided configuration.


Figure 1 MIB-40 Front View with Standard Black/White Background                    Figure 2 MIB-40 Isometric View

The MIB-40 implements a lighting system with the lamps are oriented horizontally.  The lamps are actually mounted above the Replaceable Inspection Screen (Black / White Background).  The enclosure is constructed of 14 gauge steel with a Gloss White exterior.  The Enclosure dimensions are 26" W x 30" H x 12" D , weighting approximately 95 lbs.

The MIB-40 incorporates many of the features found in other MIB products.  The unique Phoenix Imaging Power Supply is mounted in the upper section of the main enclosure.  The high frequency power supplies operate at 50 KHz and have active-loop feedback control to maintain precise luminous flux.  The power supply insures consistent lamp output over the entire range of control.  There is a potentiometer mounted on the front of the enclosure that allows precision adjustment of the lighting level.  In conjunction with the novel lamp separation adjustment the light intensity of the system can be adjusted between 1500 Lux and 6000 Lux (dependent on the distance from the lamps, typical value when measured at centerline & middle of the screen.  Higher intensity is available at different position in the booth). 

The system is available in two or three lamp configurations and the lamp spacing can be adjusted.  The lamps used in the Phoenix Imaging MIB-40 are a high output 55 W version with color temperature of 6400K.  The lamps are capable of an luminous flux that is more than twice that of standard 20W (T12 & T8 24" lamps) or 18W (T5 18" lamps).  This allows the system to operate the lamps at lower driving current and therefore increases the lifetime of the lamps at the required output level.  The MIB-40 has the capability to maintain a constant lamp output for extended periods of time because it offers an intelligent feedback control that actually monitors the lamp output flux.   If you want the most stable top lighting inspection booth the MIB-40 and MIB-140 have no challengers!

The MIB-40 front panel provides "Power" push button switch for turn the system on/off, an "System in Regulation" LED that indicates that the lamps are being controlled properly by the power supply and a "Master Intensity Control".  The "Master Intensity Control" is a precision multi-turn potentiometer that allows the user to adjust the light intensity in the booth.  Once the intensity is set to the desired level the MIB-2020 power supply with maintain the lamps at that output.  The power supply will increase the current to the lamps as they age to maintain the desired intensity level.  When the power can no longer provide adequate current to maintain the desired intensity the "System in Regulation" LED will extinguish.



Click here for the MIB-40 Brochure in PDF Format



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