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PVS-60 Optical Character Recognition System


The PVS-60 family of products consist of several high performance machine vision systems designed specifically for optical character recognition (OCR). The family includes a number of special configurations designed for specific OCR task. The standard configuration uses High-Speed CameraLink sensors (CL configuration) that can acquire images at a specific time. There are other camera connection options available in USB and Firewire Camera sensors.  The PVS-60 provides an option to use dual CameraLink input boards with two channels for capturing simultaneous images.  The image processor uses the Microsoft® Windows7 operating system for processing images and providing industry standard input/output signal conditioning hardware for handshaking with external devices. The standard image processor is based on an Intel® Core2 Duo class processor but can be upgraded if even more processing power is required.  The system is denoted as the PVS-60 / OCR and is available with several optional displays, including built-in 15" or 17" TFT flat panel displays, with or without touch screen options (depending on the industrial environment).

The PVS-60 implements a special version of the "VisionMaker™" software package designed for analysis of "noisy" images. The software package provides Active-X tools designed for extraction of features found in images with characters.  The system will normalize images in which the background exhibits part to part variation.  It will also perform auto-align function to keep the target string in the proper inspection window, which is a common problem with ink-jet marked components.  Multiple fonts may be learned and stored in the system and even used in different windows (regions of interest) within the same image.

The PVS-60 system is truly an out of the box and onto the factory floor machine (with the exception of training the character set).  Phoenix Imaging will work with you to design a system with all of necessary hardware to insure successful implementation of the equipment in your project.  This OCR system is designed for handling the most difficult reading applications using a patented vector correlation technology. The product excels at reading characters generated with laser, indent marking or ink-jet printing systems but can be used with any method of generating the symbols.  Image processing tools aid in the extraction of characters whether marked on smooth or porous surfaces.

    PVS-60 with Keyboard Drawer

PVS-60 / OCR Standard Features

  • NEMA 12 Industrial Enclosure

  • Low Cost Windows Solution

  • 2 Sensor Inputs (up to 8 inputs max.)

  • Visual Studio Programming Tools

  • Pre-programmed Active-X Controls (Vector Correlation and VisionMaker™)

  • Superb image noise filters

  • Part Position Correction

  • High Speed Pattern Matching

  • Typical Read Rates (>30 strings/min)

  • Built-In Digital I/O Functions

  • Capture & Store "Defective" images

  • Designed to read Dot-Matrix and Fully Formed symbols

  • Air Conditioning or Vortec Cooling Options

  • Sensor resolutions from 1.3 megapixel to 16.0 megapixel

Powerful software and powerful image processing technology allow the PVS-60 /OCR to tackle the toughest jobs. When other vendors recommend the use of 2-D symbologies its is probably an indication that their software can not perform a reliable reading. The problem with 2-D symbologies is that you must have a keen eye in order to decode them without a scanner. OCR is an excellent technology choice when you have the correct tools. The Phoenix Imaging MTx™ technology was created for reading dot matrix characters from the very beginning. The vector correlation technology is so unique that it is protected by US Patents. Unlike many laboratory based analysis packages, this product is designed to perform in the industrial environment.

Sample Markings that the system can read

Device Connectivity

The PVS-60 system I/O allows a variety of methods for interfacing to other devices inside the inspection cell.  The PVS-60 can output serial (RS-232 & USB), Ethernet (100/1000 MB) or parallel signals to a controller, PLC or another PC. The PVS-60 can save up to 64 full-frame "Defective" images for review at a later time.  The system can also connect with most OPC compliant devices when communicating on a factory network.

Parallel: There are 24 lines available for digital inputs and outputs that are user configurable.  All channels use optically isolated modules. The power side of the modules can be DC or AC.
DC input modules: 3 - 30 VDC
DC output modules: 3- 60 VDC
AC modules: 5 -130 VAC, 3 A max.

Serial: USB (2.0), RS232, RS422,
IEEE 1394 (Firewire) and
EtherNet: 1 or 2 channels

Video In: Standard Configuration provides 2 CameraLink channels (8, 10 or 12 bit).  CameraLink (CL) inputs provide increased bandwidth for high from resolution images up to 4K x 4K pixels with grayscale up to 12 bit.  The system can also add on USB 2.0 sensors to the standard CameraLink configuration without adding another sensor input card.  CameraLink configuration is preferred in industrial environments because it is reliable and less sensitive to external sources of noise.

Video Out: XGA to Monitor. Internal image storage in .TIF, .BMP, and .JPG formats

Trigger: External digital I/O ( Parallel), Serial, or EtherNet.

OCR That Works!

  • Patented technology designed for dot matrix or fully formed symbols.
  • Vector Correlation approach will read degraded symbols.
  • Background Normalization easily isolates the symbols from background noise.
  • Built-in VisionMaker™ vision algorithm editor allows access to over 150 image processing functions generates clear character data.


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