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Panasonic Machine Vision Systems

High End Performance in a Compact Body

Panasonic Vision Systems showcase our innovative and precise image processing algorithms.  Features such as Pipeline (parallel) processing by Penta-Processor allows image processing operations to be carried out without influence from display processing operations.  Image transfer, image processing, inspection processing, calculation, and display processing operations can be carried out asynchronously, achieving ultra-high speed processing.  Durable and extremely accurate, Panasonic vision systems offer high-end decoding capabilities complimented with simple setups.

The Panasonic machine vision product line is divided into two families, the PV200 and PV500.  The PV200 family includes: PV200 (Quad Processor for General Purpose), PV230 (All-in-one model featuring image processing, optical character recognition (OCR) and code reading (CR) functions), PV240 (Alignment of components using one or two sensors), and the PV260 (designed for robot vision applications, communications with several robot controllers).  The PV500V2 offers substantial functions for solution tools. Newly loaded features include, highly accurate approximations, unnecessary operational expressions for geometrical operations, and the highly flexible graphic drawing.  The PV500 systems are capable of supporting up to 4 sensors.

The compact design allows easy packaging of the unit in existing manufacturing lines or in electrical enclosures.  A basic system is comprised of the vision controller, one or more sensors (VGA to4 MP resolution), a keypad and VGA monitor for programming.  The figure 1 below provides a general layout of the port connections available on the Panasonic machine vision systems.


Figure 1 - Basic Panasonic PV200 Machine Vision System Configuration





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