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Phoenix Imaging, Ltd. manufactures a wide range of products for Pharmaceutical/Healthcare/Consumer Products testing.  Since 1985 Phoenix Imaging has agreed to an industry Code of Ethics and has access to the most up to date information available, including professional certification, training and continuing education; state of the art technology; technical services; industry trends and statistical data; and research and development.  The MIB™ Lighting Booths are State-of-the-Art Lighting Systems for Manual Inspection and have been selected by many corporations as the "Standard" by which all others are measured.  The lighting booths are protected by several patents and represent the highest quality product in their class.  Floor Standing and Table Top models are designed to fit every requirement. Phoenix Imaging manufactures fluorescent and LED models, both series incorporate our active feedback designs to insure constant light output.  Options such as digital light control, pacer functions and ergonomic features are model dependent.


Standard Products for the Pharmaceutical / Healthcare Industry

Manual Inspection Booths:

The MIB-40™ & MIB-45™ (table top unit) designed for low cost and limited laboratory or counter space.

The MIB-50™  & MIB-55™ (table top unit) designed when available laboratory or counter space is at a premium.

The MIB-60™ & MIB-65™ (table top unit) Top / Bottom LED lighting designed with large / Deep inspection volume.

The MIB-70™ & MIB-75™(table top unit) Top / Bottom manual inspection booth with large inspection volume.

The MIB-80™ (floor standing unit) basic manual inspection booth with patented Top /Bottom lighting.

The MIB-90™ (floor standing unit) designed for optimal inspection of high volume products.

The MIB-100™ (floor standing unit) designed for optimal inspection of all sizes of products.  The MIB-100™ offers
                       a wide range of optional configurations to meet laboratory or production requirements.  Some of
                       the latest options include, digital light intensity selection, light curtain pacer control, stainless steel
                       clean room configuration.

When large inspection projects are involved Phoenix Imaging, Ltd has ability to provide larger pacer conveyor based systems.  These system also use patented technology similar to the industrial standard MIB-100™ manual inspection booths. The modular design allows multiple booths to be position along a common line with feed and acceptable product conveyors  running between booth armrest and the inspection volume.  The pacer conveyor systems are also available in 2x2, 2X3, 2X4 or 2X5 configurations (i.e. back to back inspection units using a common feed conveyor).

Particle Standards:

The Referee Level Particle Standards (RLPS™), sometimes referred to as "challenge sets", provide customers with high quality NIST traceable Particles Standards for training, inspector qualification, and automated inspection equipment validation.  The RLPS™ sets are available in a wide range sizes from 1ml to 1,000ml in WFI or solution to match the viscosity and color of your product.  The RLPS™ set is offer in multiple levels depending on the container volume and material.  There are a minimum of 25% seed particles of the "Must Reject" sizes in every set.  The Standard Set contains 100 containers with 36 Seeded containers.  The Extended Set contains 150 containers with 50 Seeded and 100 Clean.  Each seed particle is measured accurately to ±1µm in diameter (spherical) or proximal length (irregular or fibers) with NIST traceable computer controlled micrometer stage. In addition all seed particles are photographed for record and supplied with a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) with all sets.

The Referee Level Particle Standards represent the ultimate is Human Inspector Training Sets.  The are manufactured to the highest standards and tested to insure that they are absolutely the finest product of their kind available anywhere!  We take extraordinary care to insure that "Clean" samples are free of even the smallest imperfection.  Our cleaning process is unique and requires that particles as small as 2µm have been removed and that no evident of contamination is present before seeding can proceed.  The containers are examined with minimum of 10,000 ft-cd (>100,000 Lux) illumination inn order to identify the presence of even the smallest particles.  The RLPS™ sets are the best of class and are guaranteed defect free, except for the seeded containers that have a single particle with a size measured to ±1µm. Don't settle for less quality, these are the Best.

Referee Level Particle Standards (RLPS) for Inspector Training / Certification and the Validation of Automated Inspection Equipment.

---  Manual Inspection & Special Lighting Booths  ---

Manual Inspection Booths (MIB series) offer consistent controlled lighting environment for improved reliability of manual inspection procedures.  The lighting environments utilized patented technology to insure consistent environmental conditions from operator station to operator station.  Don't be mislead by false claims, the MIB series of Manual Inspection Booths offer superior performance and the most stable lighting in the industry.

Based on our patented lighting design the luminous flux within the inspection volume is within ±5% for the life on the source.  A controlled feedback insures the same output level even after lamp replacement.  The design of the MIB-100 makes it a basic tool for discovery of the baseline for human inspection.  The lighting system provides a large (~10 liters) of volume in which lighting conditions are very consistent.  The lighting intensity can be adjusted between 200 ft-cd (2150 Lux)  to 900 ft-cd (9685 Lux).

The standard configuration booth has a Corian® solid surface armrest with built-in touch screen operator interface panel.  An optional side shelf kit is available for high volume production applications.

These are the Premium Manual Inspection Booths, there is no substitute!  For More Information on MIB-100 click on this link.

For higher volume work in which a pacer conveyor is required Phoenix Imaging has teamed with FP Developments (Williamstown, NJ) to produce the MIB-200 Manual Inspection Station.  This product is offered in a 4 x 2 to 5 x 2 configurations, these are back to back units and have a in-feed pacer conveyor nearest each inspector and a common "accepted product" conveyor in the center.  The illumination system incorporates the same feedback control as the MIB-100 system.  The pacer conveyor releases product at pre-determined intervals to insure consistent inspection times.  For high production requirements, FP Developments offer In-feed product tables and disposition accumulation tables as MIB-200 options.


Examples of several MIB models are shown below.

 MIB-40™ Standard Configuration, Table-Top, Top Lighting, 250 mm deep Inspection Volume.


The MIB-50™ Standard Configuration (shown without Stainless Steel Armrest), PLC Pacer



  The MIB-75™ Table-Top, Top/Bottom Lighting, Adjustable armrest


The MIB-80™ Basic Floor Standing Unit, Top/Bottom Lighting, No PLC Pacer Option.
Model shown with Curved Corian® Armrest.


  MIB-90™ Floor Standing Unit, Top/Bottom Lighting, PLC Pacer.

Model shown with stainless steel Side Trays & Hydraulic Leg Lifts Options.




The MIB-100 (Version 3.1.2) is Shown with Curved Corian® Armrest, Built-in Operator Interface,
optional Adjustable Stainless Steel Side Shelves (custom made to fit customer trays)
and optional Hydraulic Leg Lifts (electric operation, 300 mm range)


Other Options available include: Top Visor, Leg Extensions, Curved Corian© Armrest, Stainless Steel Armrest, Audible Alarms, Monochrome Background (White or 18% Graycard), Japanese Pharmacopeia Lighting, Lower Mirror Plastic Protector, and two position footswitch (start inspection cycle, Pass/Fail results).


Only Phoenix Imaging has Patented Parallel Lighting Technology, Top/Bottom or Left/Right Sides.

Unauthorized use of this patented technology will lead to immediate legal action.


The ParticleScope™ instrument is a semi-automated inspection system that is capable of detecting particles as small as 25µm without interfering with the integrity of the container.  The ParticleScope™ instrument represents the State-of-Art in small vials inspection, it is also capable of cartridges / syringes inspection.  The ParticleScope™ instrument not only detects the contamination in the container but it will also provide accurate measurement of the particle size down to better than 30µm.  The system offers several modes of operation, the two principle modes are the precise measurement of a single particle or the counting and sizing of multiple particles.  This system has no equal in non-destructive particle detection capability in small vial for injection (SVI), cartridges, syringes and ampoules.  The inspection system is available with various size Product Holding Pucks (PHP) to accommodate holding the containers in the proper position during the inspection cycle.  The standard vial configuration system is capable of performing inspections on vials from 1 ml to 20 ml in size.  A larger illumination cube is available to hold vials from 20 ml up to 50 ml in size.

Version 5.0 of the product will be released in the third quarter of 2016 and will be available for purchase after September 1, 2016.  Product evaluation request are now being taken for products 20 ml and smaller.  Be sure to see this instrument at an upcoming Pharmaceutical Exhibition or call to schedule a visit to the Phoenix Imaging facility.

   State-of-the-Art Non-Destructive Particle Detection / Measurement Systems (ParticleScope™).

  Find the actual size of contamination in your production material using this fast and easy to operate instrument.  The next generation in automated inspection equipment will be available in the near future.  Determine the actual size of contamination that you high volume automated inspection equipment is really detecting and how this detection level compares to you Human Baseline.  Never before has a non-destructive inspection system been capable of isolating contamination to better than 99% efficiency.


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