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Surface Inspection Systems

Phoenix Imaging has specific expertise in surface inspection applications.  Surface Inspection refers to isolation of features on a surface that are not common with component structure.  Surface imperfections are referred to by many names, the most common names attributed to the these are: scratches, dents, dings, surface roughness, porosity, abrasions, pits, blisters, etc..  Whether the surface imperfection appears on glass, plastic, stamped metal components, precision cast components, machined metal components, or other substrates a Surface Inspection System can be designed to isolate and measure them.  There are several common techniques often employed in the design and manufacture of the surface inspection system but it is important to match the correct technology to application in order to achieve optimum performance.  This is where Phoenix Imaging can assist you with providing the correct solution, we are the Surface Inspection Experts!


Porosity Inspection Systems

Porosity Inspection on Machined Metal Components

Porosity inspection on machined metal components, primarily aluminum and precision die-cast magnesium castings represents one of the most important uses of the Phoenix Imaging AVSIS™ automated inspection systems.  AVSIS™ (Automated Visual Surface Inspection System) has been in use finding surface imperfections since 2001.  The AVSIS™ technology has undergone multiple design changes in the area image acquisition and image processing hardware to increase resolution and processing speed.  The underlining image processing algorithms remain steadfast industrial trade secrets.  Unlike other technologies that claim to have the ability to perform porosity inspection the AVSIS™ technology works and works extremely well.  The system has be implemented to isolate surface imperfections as small as 10µm in diameter and with sensor resolutions as small as 1µm per pixel.  Not all applications need that resolution in order to be functional, in fact most customers do not need or want to isolate suspect regions of that size.

When cast components are machined, the fresh cut often exposes sub-surface porosity that can affect the performance of bearing or sealing surfaces.  Phoenix Imaging has developed and patented several technologies to perform this inspection task effectively at a reasonable cost to the customer.  The applications are successful because they do not rely of simple image thresholding techniques for the isolation of defects.  Manufactures understand that materials may exhibit variations in color or appearance and that these variations do not necessarily mean that the component is not acceptable.  Our technology minimizes "false rejects" and continuous system tuning.

Front Cover Non-Clean Up and Porosity Inspection (See Porosity Profile 1 for additional information)

In-line inspection at 23 second cycle time, both side of front cover.


Cylinder Deactivation Plate (See Porosity Profile 2 for additional information)

Locate component using B&C Datum, position multiple inspection zones each with different inspection criteria.

      Cylinder Deactivation Control Plate

We have performed surface inspection on a wide range components and would be happy to evaluate your component using a reduced scale version of the technology.

Other examples of surface inspection for isolation of abnormalities.

    Silicon Wafer with Dye Mask


    Inside Wall Transmission Component (Porosity and Tool Chatter)

    Inside Wall of Transmission Component = Porosity on Right End of Image (Larger 440 µm and 205 µm Proximal Length)








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