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Porosity Inspection on Machined Metal Components

Machined Valve Seat (Flat)

Among the most useful in this area is porosity inspection on machined metal components, Cast Iron, Aluminum and precision die-cast Magnesium Castings.  When cast components are machined the fresh cut often exposes sub-surface porosity that can affect the performance of the sealing surface.  This is particularly in the case of sealing surfaces where a small visible porosity may be the indication that something large prevails under the surface of structure.  In this example, not only must the surface be absent of porosity but the sealing surface must maintain a specific functional dimension.

This first image isolates the region of interest, the inner circle of the valve seat.  the crosshairs are calculated automatically and are positioned to better than 1m (dependent on the FOV).


The second image isolates regions within the sealing surface that are considered as abnormal.  These defective regions that are beyond the acceptable size range are highlighted as Green.  The automatic masking routine accommodates the variation in wide of the sealing surface.  However, the customer may select the minimum seal width that is allowed.

Phoenix Imaging has developed and patented several technologies to perform this inspection task effectively at a reasonable cost to the customer.  The speed (cycle time) of the inspection is determined by the level image processor and the image acquisition method selected for the application. Sensor sizes now allow micron resolution even for images as large as 100 mm for area sensors and even larger for line scan applications.

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