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PVS-100 Machine Vision Systems for Multiple Sensor and Large Format Cameras

Looking for a machine vision system designed around a rugged industrial PC, packaged in a NEMA-12 enclosure with software designed for a flexible visual programming environment.  The PVS-100 Development System may be the answer. The product is our low cost image processing system for creating applications in the Windows operating system.  This product offers the widest range of application sensors in the Phoenix Imaging product line.  The PVS-100 supports standard small format EIA (NTSC) sensors, mid-size format (VGA to 5 megaPixel) Camera-Link sensors, Large Format sensors (up to 16 megaPixel) and digital line scan sensors up to 8192 pixels wide.

PVS-100 Standard Configurations.



Standard Wall-Mount Configuration for PVS-100 in IP55 enclosure (30"W x 30"H x 12" deep). 
Standard Configuration PVS-100 in IP55 enclosure with Flat Panel Display and Sealed Keyboard Enclosure.


The custom configuration for a PVS-100 is a Larger NEMA-12 enclosure that measures just 36"W x 36"H x 12" deep.

The PVS-100 is a versatile alternative to less powerful image processing systems. The product is a fully integrated package that provides true "out of the box" inspection capabilities.  The system is available in several configurations.  The systems are designed around the Phoenix Imaging's VisionMaker™ development system using EPIX family of image processing cards

The system provides image processing equipment and software in several types of industrial packages.  The enclosures are provided in forms for OEM integration, VAR / End-user installation.  A number of configurations may be selected depending on the physical space available.

Another option is to use the remote mount monitor with built-in touch screen.  Touch screen monitor configurations from 12" to 19" in VGA or wide format.  The Remote Mount Monitor configuration allows the user to mount the monitor in close proximity (or in) to the actual workcell and upto 50 ft from the PVS-100 image processor.

Software to get the job done    

The Phoenix Imaging’s VisionMakerä Development Package for EPIX provides all of the software necessary to generate and implement a wide variety of machine vision applications. The VisionMakerä software can be used in the  Windows 7 Pro (SP1) operating systems environments. 

The VisionMaker software is provided in .DLL format for access to the complete Epix image processing library and the Phoenix Imaging IOMaker for programming digital or analog input/output cards. The VisionMaker ToolBox provides high level programming access using Active-X controls. The ToolBox can be used with MS VisualBasic or Visual C++ for drag and drop on the form programming.

The base system includes a single board computer (SBC) with Pentium 4 processor, EPIX PIXCI-SV5 or EPIX PIXCI-CL2 image acquisition cards, 24 channels of digital I/O, 4 GB DDR3 Host RAM, 750 GB SATA II Hard Drive, 1 serial ports, 1 parallel port, 4 USB (2.0) ports and 2 Gigabyte Ethernet portsThe system can be configured with a selection of TFT Touch Screen Monitors on a slightly larger NEMA enclosure.


  • Compact size and rugged construction designed for industrial environments.

  • Std. Enclosure Height 30" x Width 30" x Depth 11", Weight approximately 54 lbs with forced air cooling.

  • Power Requirements: 100-125 VAC, 48-65 Hz., 1Ø, less than 6A exclusive of external I/O.

Standard System Configuration for VisionMaker™ PVS-100

Industrial PC

3.4 GHz Intel i7 2600 Processor, 4 GB DDR3 Host Memory, 256 MB Video Memory, 1 RS-232 Serial Ports, 3 USB (2.0) Ports, 2 GB EtherNet Port, 1 Parallel Port, Card Cage (4 PCI-e, 1 PICMG & 4 PCI slots), 400 Watt Power Supply, 750 GB SATA II Hard Drive, 80mm Fan (plus 120 mm fan on power supply).  The components are mounted in a custom design Phoenix Imaging wall mount chassis. 

EPIX Image Acquisition Card

2 video inputs per card (switched by internal multiplexer) or CameraLink interface card (1 or 2 channels), up to 4 cards per machine (std. configuration processor) or 8 cards per machine (customer configuration processor).

100 Image Buffers (std.) for Reference storage and image manipulation.

1 or 2 Digital camera inputs (Camera-Link, CL) per card up to four CL cards per machine.

Digital I/O Acquisition Card

24 Digital inputs or outputs (Software configurable) all optically isolated.  DIO may be expanded to 48 channels (extra cost).

Analog input and outputs (optional).

Digital Camera Acquisition Options

Digital cameras may provide output in USB 2.0 or Gigabyte Ethernet (GigE) formats.  USB camera may be used for image acquisition but a typically slower than the CameraLink digital format.  It is recommended that time critical applications use the CL format for primary data and other formats for secondary data.  GigE Vision compliant camera provide image acquisition rates faster than the CL format and may be selected as an option.

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