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Phoenix Imaging IVS-80 & PVS-80 Image Processors

Phoenix Imaging's IVS-80 Image Processor is an industrial based vision system that features Intel Quad-Core processors and four independent PoE (Power over Ethernet) Camera ports. Long-life Industrial components of the PVS-80 provide a very robust and reliable vision system for mission critical inspection applications.  The System is designed for expandability of both digital I/O and sensor inputs.  The industrial chassis is designed for operation on the benchtop or wall mounted in an electrical panel.  The chassis uses a passive backplane and heavy duty industrial power supply (500 watt).  The single board computer (SBC) accepts the latest Intel® i7 CPU running at 3.4 GHz and 4 GB of memory (DDR-3-1333).  The PVS-80 is designed to use PPT Vision's VPM & CPM software running Windows® XP-Pro (SP3) embedded operating system.  The IVS-80 will support the Windows® 7 Pro (64-bit) when PPT Vision releases it latter this year.  When Window® 7 Pro (64-bit) comes online the standard memory will increase to 8 GB.

IVS-80 Image Processor Benefits

  • Controls up to 4 M-Series cameras — Reduces cost per inspection point via shared processing

  • PVS 80 image processor is a PC based system — No added PC required, lower installation cost

  • Multi-Core processing power — Increases inspection power providing higher inspection rates

  • Wide selection of camera models — Allows for a selection of unique camera capabilities for application specific requirements

  • Supports PoE (Power over Ethernet) — Reducing cabling complexity by eliminating the necessity for camera power cables

  • Supports GigE Cameras — Capable of running up to 100m from PVS-80 processor to cameras using standard Cat6a cables

  • Utilizes Impact's Vision Program Manager (VPM) — Allows fast deployment of flexible, robust inspection tasks and migration of existing inspection tasks to other PPT Vision systems including: A, T, C and M processors

  • Utilizes Impact's Control Panel Manager (CPM) — With the addition of a monitor, the PVS-80 enables deployment of a configurable and secure operator interface with "on-the-fly" control

  • Easily integrates with PPT Vision's A, T, & C Smart Cameras — allows for data sharing and inter-camera communication without the need for a PC

  • Optional Embedded Security Software — Maintains security by preventing unauthorized changes to the system software.

IVS-80 Specifications:


Intel i7 Quad Core 3.4 GHz

System Memory



60 GB Solid State Hard Drive and 750 GB removable HDD


Intel GM45 / ICH9 Video Chipset (1600 x 1200 resolution)

Camera Interface

4 - 1000 Mbps Base-T, PoE Camera Ports (up to 7 W per channel)

Network Interface

2 - 10/100/1000 Mbps Base-T, LAN Ports

Serial Communications

1 - RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 Serial Ports


4 - USB 2.0 Ports


Combined PS/2 type mini-DIN connectors

Comm Connectivity

Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, OPC are supported


24 Optically Isolated Digital Inputs and Outputs (1 Event Input shared with Polled Inputs)

Operating System

Windows XP Pro 32-Bit OS, SP3

Power Requirements

110-220 VAC (+/- 10%), Switchable


330 (W) x 410 (D) x 178 (H) mm (13" x 16.125" x 7")

Operating Temperature

0 to 50 degrees C (+32 to +131 F)


0% to 90% (non-condensing)


(Safety Compliance) CE/FCC, RoHS, UL, CSA

This information is subject to change.  Please consult factory for the latest version of the PVS-80 Unit.


What is a PVS-80 Image Processor?  The PVS-80 Image Processor is an IVS-80 Image Processor mounted inside a NEMA type 12 (IP55) electrical enclosure with 24 rack I/O board, sensor and Digital I/O power supplies, fuse modules and completely wired and tested.  The PVS-80 / PVS-100 offer optional flat panel displays (15" - 19" Diag.), touch screen option, Air Conditioner or Vortex Air Cooling, Key Board shelf and LED Status Light.

The PVS-80 model shown on the left is supplied on the option floor mount stand.  The system is normally supplied in machine gray but can be order in any color.  Simply provide the RAL number at the time of system order and the PVS system will be delivered with your company color.

The PVS enclosure is built to the highest standards and will provide many years of service life.  the enclosure door handle and power rotary switch are both supplied with safety lock-out holes if the system is use for the control of automation equipment.


The PVS-80 is based on PPT Vision's (VPM / CPM development software).  This configuration uses the extension image processing library developed by PPT Vision over more than 10 years.  The library supports a wide range of camera formats that connect to the PVS-80 via high speed Gig-E Vision protocol.  The sensor connected to the PVS-80 is automatically recognized and the image area is formatted to match the sensor resolution.  The sensors available include: Area Scan (VGA to 16 megaPixel), Line Scan (1K to 8K).

Phoenix Imaging development of new applications with the VPM & CPM is very rapid and allows project implementation in time frame that can not be achieved when developing vision and control software with other tool sets.  Evaluation and Prototype time is typically reduced by a factor of 2 or 3 compared to other technologies.

Check out the PVS-80 and PVS-100 models for you next machine vision application and you will not be sorry that you did.  Promise!







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