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Integration Solutions
Software Support

Vision Services

Complex projects that require sophisticated image processing capabilities are available from Phoenix Imaging.  The company has provided image processing equipment and engineering solutions for hundreds of machine vision projects.  Whether your organization requires the inspection of simple components of a complex system our engineering staff can help you reach the goal of your project.

Phoenix Imaging is a full service machine vision supplier.  We provide customer support at multiple levels, including: components, image processors, complete system and software / integration services.  The customer can choose the level of support required for their particular application.  Choose as much or as little support as is necessary.  We offer products to Distributors, original equipment manufacturers (OEM's), System Integrator (SI's), and End-Users.

Consulting Services

When you develop a new product or require the implementation of a new inspection program there may be a few questions about a particular approach.  The Consulting Service program is designed to help customers understand the potential problems associated with an inspection methodology.  This service can help you make the correct decision for machine vision implementation.

Integration Services

Phoenix Imaging offers a complete machine vision solution.  Many applications require more than the typical machine vision components (i.e. camera, lights and processor).  Phoenix Imaging will provide design and integration services for machine projects from simple part location to complicated multi-dimensional measurements.  If the project requires services beyond our capabilities, we will team with the organization that will make the program successful. 

Software Support Services

Phoenix Imaging offer a full line of design and development services for machine vision applications.  An extensive image processing library coupled with a feature rich visual development environment make the Phoenix Imaging VisionMaker™ package an ideal choice for the serious programmer.  Phoenix Imaging offer the tools and engineering services necessary to create viable machine vision solutions. 


Phoenix Imaging also offer Remote Access System Support Services for applications based at sites that may require immediate attention.  Phoenix Imaging equipment is sold worldwide and some customers require immediate service and can not wait for travel time to provide a solution.  If the plant site has internet access and the RSA software key is installed on the image processing system then it is possible for software engineers to provide remote access to the equipment.  This will save not only time but the travel expenses associated with the service call.  Phoenix Imaging will bill for the first 1/2 hour of support and then in 15 minute increments after the first 1/2 hour. Most application issues can be addressed in that short time.

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