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VisionMaker™ the key to PVS-100 development

Visual programming environment reduces development time

The Phoenix Imaging’s VisionMaker™ Development Package provides all of the software necessary to generate and implement a wide variety of machine vision applications. The VisionMaker™ software can be used with Windows™ 7 Pro operating systems.  The VisionMaker™ Development Package is comprised of two major components, VisionMaker™ ToolBox.

The VisionMaker™ ToolBox provides high level programming access using Active-X Controls. The ToolBox can be used with Microsoft Visual Studio for drag and drop on the form programming.

The VisionMaker™ Tool Box VIEW.OCX and PITOOLS.OCX are custom controls for VisualBasic, VisualC++ and C#.  They provide an extension to the Visual Basic ToolBox or the Visual C++ Application Studio Control Palette.  The custom controls are added to the palette with the standard controls and may be used just as you would any other control.  When you add VisionMaker™ Tool Box custom controls to a program they are available as part of the development environment.  The combination of VisionMaker™ Integrator and VisionMaker™ Tool Box provide the user with an extremely powerful machine vision development system with the ease of use normally associated with Microsoft Visual Development Studios.

When you add VisionMaker™ Tool Box custom controls to a project the icons appear in the Visual Basic toolbox or the VC++ App Studio Control Palette.  The Visual Basic toolbar appears as illustrated after adding the Pitools OLE Custom Control module and the View OLE Custom Control module.

New tools are easily added to environment

A Total of 13 tools have been added to the standard Visual Studio toolbar.  The tools added to the Visual Studio toolbar (from left to right and top to bottom) include: calibration tool, multiple normalized correlation tool, area tool, centroid tool, blob tool, golden template match tool, grayscale normalized correlation tool, ruler tool, barcode tool, bridge tool, color inspection tool, viewport tool, arc fitting tool and chord tool.  This arrangement may change slightly depending on the order in which the Active-X custom controls are added.   Additional tools may be added for special applications such as the color inspection and color template matching tools.  The toolbar will only appear during the development phase of the project.  During the development phase the user may access any of the tools properties for calculation.  After the application has been designed and tested, it is normally built (compiled and linked) into an executable format for implementation. In the executable form the application can not have tools added or removed.  However, tools that are present in the application can be repositioned and changed in size as required.  Even the vision algorithms associated with a tool can be changed during run-time deployment.  The vision algorithm associated with each of the tools can be changed to meet the specific requirements of a particular application, even after implementation in the field!

The Phoenix Imaging VisionMaker™ Tool Box also provides methods by which the application developer can add their own functionality.  The VisionMaker™ Tool Box provides access to the base class allowing the developer to customize copies of the existing tools or create entirely new tools.  Since the VisionMaker™ Integrator provides access to the image processing and I/O libraries through .DLL’s the user can even incorporate the vision and I/o editors in their tools.  The flexibility of the VisionMaker™ package is unsurpassed.  You can configure applications to use as many vision editors as required, the number is only limited by the amount of memory available.

Special Features:

  • Easy to use ActiveX (32 bit) tools
  • Can be used in MS VisualBasic or MS Visual C++ environments
  • Over 150 image processing functions (most operates in hardware)
  • 13 tools can be combined to provide solutions to a wide range of machine vision applications
  • Pre-defined run-time "properties" panels are provided for all tools
  • Each tool allows the user the option to generate their own image processing algorithm or to use the default vision algorithm

For a description of the ToolBox components click here.

To see an example of a tool, its property panels and functionality click here.

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