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Panasonic Vision
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New Product Introductions, News and Web Changes

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first. 

It's a Really Big Deal!

Phoenix Imaging is the Winner of this years Henry Ford Technology Award  for an inspection of Powertrain / Engine components.  This very prestigious award is Ford Motor Company’s highest technical honor.  Congratulations to all of the team members that have made this possible.  The confidential nature of the project prevents us from discussing the application details, however we are honored to be recognized as a valued technology partner.



[New!] Panasonic™ Machine Vision Products

Phoenix Imaging has just released the long awaited machine vision products from Panasonic.  Phoenix Imaging is proud to announce the addition of Panasonic Machine Vision Systems to our product offerings.  There are two models in the product line, PV200 series and PV500 series.  The PV200 series will support two sensors and the PV500 series will support up to 4 sensors.  The products provide interface to several different sensor models that range from VGA (640 x 480) to 4 MP.  The sensors are designed for ultra high-speed image acquisitions and are capable of support multiple partial windows. The processors have built-in programmable logic, lots of digital I/O, VGA Display output, Ethernet communications solid state storage ports.  These are compact vision systems on steroids!

The systems provide VGA video output directly from the processor for easy setup and real-time display of inspections.  The processors also provide PLC (ladder logic) programming for inspection result logic.  The system can use up to 1000 inspection windows and many features to aid the development of complex image processing applications.

Some of the advanced features include:

  • 21 types of image preprocessing filters

  • A variety of solution tools, including Smart Edge for circles/lines, Geometric Operation, and Connector Checker

  • "PVWIN" setup software for easy setup and continuous simulation.  Available for download from our website free of charge.

    The Panasonic machine vision products offer a very powerful tool set in a compact format that is perfect of OEM applications.  Our engineering staff is familiar with the tools and their use and can walk you through a potential application feasibility.  Phoenix Imaging is excited about the being the Master Distributor of the Panasonic Machine Vision Product line and is looking for to the development of new distribution channels.  If you are looking to add a machine vision product to your line card please give us a call to discuss the potential.


[New!] Datalogic (PPT-Vision) MX-20USB Machine Vision System


This is the most image processing power for the dollar that you can find anywhere!  Unlike simple smart camera technology that cost twice as much when adding a second sensor, the MX-20USB can add the second sensor for the price of CCD camera and cable.  The system has the ability to capture, display and store images all in the same box.  No need for a laptop or second computer for the development, running, interaction, storage or display of inspection images and data, it can all be handled by the MX-20 Image Processor!

Since the MX-20 Machine Vision System has more memory and a large central processing unit (CPU) it can analyze images faster!  The system offer a considerable image processing library with functionality that most machine vision system can only dream about.  Don be fooled by it compact size this is a powerful machine vision system capable of correlation of information between two sensor because that are in the same box!  If you plan to use one or two sensors in your machine vision project this system is worthy of investigation.  Call or email Phoenix Imaging for details.


Phoenix Imaging releases a new product for
"Advanced Surface Inspection Technology for the Detection of
Porosity and Surface Imperfections on Machined Metal Surfaces

The technology implements a unique illumination technique that reduces the effects of surface texture created by the machining process but enhances the surface abnormalities.  This technology is extremely useful in the detection of porosity that is often found on machined aluminum components.

The technology allows the customer to assign multiple inspection zones on a surface and apply a separate inspection criteria to each of them.  The inspection zones are aligned to each new component using manufacturing datum.  In addition the technology allows the customer to measure the dimensions of key feature and measure the position of the features with respect to the datum.  Phoenix Imaging refers to this new technology as VCMM or “Virtual Coordinate Measurement Machine”.

To determine if this new technology is applicable to your process or application contact Phoenix Imaging sales or a local representative.  For more information on this unique inspection equipment see "Porosity Inspection".



[New!] PHOENIX IMAGING Releases Phoenix Imaging's CNC-TSA,
"Broken Tool Detection System" (BTDS) for CNC Machining Centers.

The latest Phoenix Machine Vision Sensor is designed specifically for the high volume automatic-load CNC Machine Centers that need to protect production against the use of damaged machine tools.  The new version implements a smaller footprint image processor and new small format sensors.  The compact version of the equipment implements USB or Ethernet communication links.
The technology has received Patent Protection (US Patent #7,266,420) for the automatic machine vision inspection of machine tool profiles.  The system identifies broken and damaged machine tools by comparing tool characteristics to that of an acceptable tool that is stored in computer memory.  The system will even detect the improper position of a tool in a holder.  The most advanced tool inspection technology available today.  Now offering special licensing arrangements to add this technology to your existing CNC machining centers.  Call to see if we have the details for your specific application requirements.


Phoenix Imaging has adopted a new logo design for the automation products company.  The new logo is brighter in color and more compact.  The three colors of the new design represent components, systems and service branches of the company.  This is a third generation logo for Phoenix Imaging since the company started in 1985.






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