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Patented Machine Vision based
Broken Tool Detection

Machine Vision System for detection & measurement of CNC machine tools has been awarded to Phoenix Imaging.

August 1, 2016 -- Phoenix Imaging has announced the release of the new Machine Vision System used for inspection of CNC cutting tools inside the machining centers using Phoenix Imaging PVS-80 and PVS-40 image processing units.  The product learns the shape of new cutting tools and measures the change in the profile.  This technology allows manufactures of high value component to capture defective conditions as soon as they occur and prevents the manufacture of subsequent defective components!  The system is superior to laser or touch probes and has the ability to signal when tool wear is evident! The new product is available is several different configurations, fixed sensor location, linear translation sensor, or multiple sensors in fixed positions. The single fixed sensor position system is a cost effective replacement for mechanical feeler or laser probe systems.

The product can be retrofit into existing CNC machining centers or included as OEM components.  The company plans to offer the technology to large OEM CNC manufactures as an option to their customers.

Typical PVS-80-M1 with built-in Touch Screen Display (VGA)

The new system is based on the PVS-80 vision controller, one or more vision sensors (mounted inside environmental enclosures), and one or more corresponding LED backlights.  The PVS-80 is pre-mounted inside a NEMA type-4 (IP65) electrical enclosure.  The PVS-80-M1 includes a 15" TFT flat panel touch screen display for training and inspection information.  The system can accommodate a large amount of direct inputs and outputs available for use at the inspection station.  The Standard configuration provides 8 inputs and 8 outputs connected through industrial standard optical isolated relay modules.  A special version PVS-85 is designed for OEM customers that would like to mount the image processor inside their own electrical enclosures.

Perhaps the most versatile feature on the BTDS [US Patent 7,266,420] is that it allows the user to easily create master images of tooling for comparison of new tools as they are replaced in tool holders.  Unlike many other tool detection technologies the BTDS can find wore or partially broken tools such as worn drill bit edges and chipped edges on taps. The vision system allows access to 100 tool profiles which can be called by index position or program control registers accessed with binary coding.

Other features include:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 Pro Operating System
  • Support for up to 4 High-Speed Progressive Scan Sensors
  • Touch Screen Input for Setup and Function Control
  • High Resolution Graphics (Digital and Analog Outputs of SVGA)
  • USB ports for connecting Keyboard and Mouse
  • EtherNet Port (100/1000 MB and assignable IP address for system)
  • Many Special  Image Processing Functions (many Patented or Patent Pending)

The machine vision system allows for the simultaneous acquisition of two progressive-scan sensors at a time.  Each sensor can be mounted up to 15 M from the PVS-80 enclosure. 

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