Compact Vision Systems (Datalogic [PPT Vision], Panasonic & Sharp)   

PC Based Vision Systems (Phoenix Imaging [IVS, PVS Models], Datalogic, PPT Vision [M, MX Models])

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Industrial Machine Vision Products

Machine vision systems can be purchased as complete turnkey solutions, partial assemblies or as machine vision components.  The machine vision integration services are available for complete automatic inspection systems or retro-fit to existing manufacturing lines.  The machine vision equipment can be installed for on-line inspections or off-line inspection.  Special application packages for machine vision systems used in the areas of surface inspection, seal inspection, porosity, tapped hole, true position, precision dimension checks and assembly verification.

Virtual CMM (VCMM™)Optical Metrology Systems  - Technology used to perform repeated inspections of key features on machined components.

Porosity Inspection Systems (AVSIS™) - Patented Technology used to check for the presence of voids on components surfaces.

Surface Inspection Systems (AVSIS™) - Technology used to determine characteristics of surfaces or materials on the surface.

CNC-Tool Status Advisor (CNC-TSA™) - Patented Non-Contact Inspection System used to determine tool characteristics: Wore / Broken Tool Detection Systems.

Pharmaceutical/Healthcare/Consumer Products

Phoenix Imaging, Ltd. manufactures a wide range of products for Pharmaceutical/Healthcare/Consumer Products testing.  The MIB-100™ Lighting Booths are State-of-the-Art Lighting Systems for Manual Inspection and have been selected by many corporations as the "Standard" by which all others are measured.  The lighting booths are protected by several patents and represent the highest quality product in their class.  Floor Standing and Table Top models are designed to fit every requirement. 

The ParticleScope™ instrument is a semi-automated inspection system that is capable of detecting particles as small as 25µm without interfering with the integrity of the container.  The ParticleScope™ instrument represents the State-of-Art in small vials inspection, it is also capable of cartridges / syringes inspection.  The ParticleScope™ instrument not only detects the contamination in the container but it will also provide accurate measurement of the particle size down to better than 50µm.  The system offers several modes of operation, the two principle modes are the precise measurement of a single particle or the counting and sizing of multiple particles.  This system has no equal in non-destructive particle detection capability in small vial for injection (SVI) and ampoules.

The Referee Level Particle Standards (RLPS™) provide customers with high quality NIST traceable Particles Standards for training, inspector qualification, and automated inspection equipment validation.  The RLPS™ sets are available in a wide range sizes from 1ml to 1,000ml in WFI or solution to match the viscosity and color of your product.  The RLPS™ set is offer in multiple levels depending on the container volume and material.  There are a minimum of 25% seed particles of the "Must Reject" sizes in every set.  The standard set contains 100 containers with 36 seeded containers.  Each seed particle is measured accurately to ±1µm in diameter (spherical) or proximal length (irregular or fibers) with NIST traceable computer controlled micrometer stage. In addition all seed particles are photographed for record and supplied with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) with all sets.

When large inspection projects are involved Phoenix Imaging, Ltd has teamed with FP Developments of Williamstown, New Jersey to provide large pacer conveyor based systems.  These system also use patented technology similar to the industrial standard MIB-100™ manual inspection booths.  The pacer conveyor systems are available in 2x2, 2X3, 2X4 or 2X5 configurations (i.e. back to back inspection units using a common feed conveyor). 

Manual Inspection Booths MIB-100™ (floor standing unit) and the MIB-50™ (table top unit)

State-of-the-Art Non-Destructive Particle Detection / Measurement Systems (ParticleScope™)

Referee Level Particle Standards (RLPS™) for Inspector Training / Certification and Validation of Automated Inspection Equipment.

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Phoenix Imaging and the organizations listed above strive to improve quality in their products and services.  Machine vision inspection provides consistently better inspection and is an important part of insuring world class products.