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MIB-80 Dimensions

MIB-80 Manual Inspection Booths

Model MIB-80 (Current Version is 2.3.6)

The Manual Inspection Booth (MIB-80) in Standard Configuration is shown in Figure below. The MIB-80 is designed to provide a uniform illumination work envelope and consistent inspection environment in a Top / Bottom Lighting configuration for Laboratory or Production QA. The framework of the MIB-80 is ergonomically designed and implements a recently patented balanced lighting system that generates a 10 Liter inspection volume in which light intensity is held within 10%, thus eliminating a major component for inspection data variability.  This large accurate inspection volume allows the inspector to easily position samples in the chamber.

This unit is similar to the more popular MIB-100 system but with less features.  The MIB-80 does not offer the Pacer Function or PLC controls.  The system is designed as a less expensive base unit.  The system offers the benefit of Top / Bottom lighting with precision power supplies and feedback control to monitor lamp output levels.  The MIB-80 also provides a "Master Intensity Control" to adjust illumination intensity within the inspection volume.

The Corian Armrest construction means that it solid and easy to clean with no cavities. The armrest has adjustable height from ~28" [710 mm] to 32" [815 mm] with the simple turn of a locking handle (no tools required).  This allows each inspector to set the armrest at a comfortable height.  A narrower width armrest may be ordered for customers that would like to position multiple MIB-80's in a "side-by-side" configuration.  The units may be fastened together with special joining brackets to make the units move as a single piece of hardware.

The Black / White Background is 16" high x 22" wide and is easy to clean.  The large area of the background allows for the inspection of even the largest containers.  The Background can be replaced if damaged and is easily removable.  The customer may specify a different color background if required, 18% Grayscale, All White, All Black and Light Red are common.

The MIB-80 standard configuration includes heavy duty caster but flat leveling feet may be specified at the time of order.  The system is designed for operation on either 110-120 VAC or 220-240 VAC, all require single phase power.

The MIB-80 has a rather simple operator interface.  It shows if the Top and Bottom lights are in regulation and a method to turn On or Off the booth (see figure to the right).

Click here to download the latest MIB-80 Brochure.


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