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5100 Back Lights
5200 Bar Lights
5300 Bar Light Grp

Phoenix-OPT LED Lighting Products

Phoenix-OPT offers a complete line of LED lighting products offer a solutions for a wide range of machine vision applications.  Excellent construction to insure long life and performance at the very reasonable price.  This product line offers solutions that are 10% - 40% less than competitive units.

The Phoenix-OPT product line includes: Flat Panel, Bar Lights, Coaxial (on-axis) Lights, Dome Lights, Line Lights, Ring Lights and Spot Lights.



  Flat Panel lights (5100 FL & FLC Series)- Uniform illumination of object profiles and transparent products    





  Bar Lights (5200 LI Series) - Used of illumination of large areas


   Bar Light Groups (5300 LIM Series) - High intensity over a large area





Coaxial Lights (5400 CO Series) - Used for imaging highly reflective surfaces







    Dome Lights - (5500 RID Series) Uniform illumination of curved surfaces






   Line Lights (5600 LS Series) - High Intensity Illumination for Line Scan sensor applications








   Ring Lights (5700 RI Series) - Ring Lights from 0° to 90° LED angle







Spot Lights (5800 SP Series) - High Intensity for illumination of small areas and as a source for coaxial illumination in certain optical systems.




and analog (AP Series) or digital (DP Series) Power Supplies.    


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