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CCD Sensors & Sensor Enclosures 
for Machine Vision Applications



Phoenix Imaging offers several complete lines of CCD cameras designed for machine vision applications.  The cameras are available in monochrome (black & white) and color models.  The both type of cameras are available in Area Scan and Line Scan configurations.  The video outputs are available in Camera-Link(CL), IEEE1394 (Fire-wire), Gig-E Vision, USB 2.0, USB3.0 and the new USB 3.1 on selected models.

Phoenix Imaging is the proud supplier of Sentech, Panasonic and PixeLink cameras.  We offer select units that are specific to machine vision applications.  However we may be able to provide you with special units upon request.

Phoenix Imaging offers a wide selection of CCD sensors.


A brief description of each product is available under the appropriate category.   Select the type of product required from the buttons at the left.  If additional information is required request information using the form below.

Key Benefits

  • Solid State CCD sensors offer high reliability
  • Remote head sensors fit into the most confined spaces
  • Progressive scan sensors allow full frame acquisition at 1/60th second
  • Phoenix Imaging stock a huge selection of machine vision lenses
  • Details for all models are available in this web site.

New Product Posting:

New products are generally added to the Phoenix Imaging distribution inventory on a weekly basis.  Because the number of products currently offered in the Sensor and Lens category is expanding so rapidly we have decided to include a section to introduce new products.  The latest products will be highlighted in this section for a minimum of one month.

New Product Idea!:

If you would like to see a "new" product offered or have an idea for a new product please feel free to contact us.  Our engineering team will investigate the practical application of the product and development cost for manufacture.

Information Request

Sensor information can be obtained by calling 734.744.9275 or viewing the attached web pages.  Not all sensors may be listed so it is a good idea to call the office to check availability.

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