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PVS-100 Industrial
Panasonic Vision
PPT Vision
Windows Systems
Coherix ShaPix 3D


Phoenix Imaging provides all of the components necessary to build an industrial grade machine vision system.  Whether we supply the pieces or a complete system you are guaranteed that the components are of the highest quality.  Our products incorporate the latest technology and industrial packaging (NEMA-12 or better).

       PV-200        M-40         PVS-200       IVS-80                PVS-100

A machine vision system for every application!

Illumination Systems
High frequency illumination systems for machine vision applications,
standard configurations for fluorescent and halogen sources ...
Image Processing Systems

PV-200 [Enhanced Compact Vision System],

M-40    [Enhanced Compact Vision System],
PVS-200 [Packaged (IP55) Compact Vision System],
[Datalogic or Phoenix Imaging Vision Software on Windows System],
PVS-100 [High-Resolution Windows Vision System],
Sensors and Optics
CCD cameras [monochrome & color], Lenses [high resolution c-mount] ...
Software Packages for machine vision algorithm development
Software for development of vision applications ...

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